Apple iPhone Warranty Check– Explained!


Apple provides a limited 1 year warranty for its iPhones. During this warranty period, Apple provides free of cost support.

If any problem arises during this warranty period, you need to take your Apple iPhone to the nearest Apple store.

If you do not have your purchaseinvoice, you will not be able to avail of the warranty for your Apple iPhone.Without the invoice you are not entitled to get your Apple iPhone repaired free of cost. To care of the unfortunate situation where you may have misplaced your Invoice, Apple allows its customers to check online if the Apple iPhoneis still under warranty. Apple warrantycheck provides you all the required details about your device. We willhelp you through the warranty check process for your Apple iPhone.


How to review your Apple iPhonewarranty status?


First you need to know the serial number of your Apple iPhone. Locate the serial number by going to “Settings” > “General” > tap on “About” > scroll down and you see Serial Number of your iPhone.

Now to review your Apple iPhone warranty status,you need to visit the “Check Coverage” official website page of Apple.


Enter the serial number of your Apple iPhone, enter the captcha code correctly and click "Continue". You will get to see information about your iPhone like…

  1. if the iPhone or MacBook is registered with Apple,
  2. If the Apple iPhoneis still under warranty for repairs and service and
  3. If telephonic support is still active for your device

Note: free telephonic support is available only for 90 days from the date of purchase, after that you will be charged for telephonic support.


You can extend your Apple iPhoneWarranty!


Any failure of your iPhone after the end of your “Apple Coverage”, it will be very expensive to have your iPhone fixed.

So how can you avail of extra cover for your Apple iPhone with a very minimum cost to you?

We from XtraCover recommend you to go in for the “XtraCover Extended Warranty” plan.

The XtraCover Extended Warranty starts from the very next day your warranty expires. The “XtraCover Extended Warranty” plan takes care of all the defects and malfunctions that were covered under the Apple iPhone warranty.


With XtraCover Extended Warranty on Apple Products, you are entitled to “Xtra” facilities of free pick up at a place and time of your convenience, have the repair service carried out by authorised technicians and have the repaired device delivered to you.


  • Choose Xtracover, why?

Peace of mind.

  • Where to go to have my iPhone repaired?

Nowhere! It is Free Pickup and Drop for you.

  • Why protectyouriPhone?

To go on using it with peace of mind.

  • What doesXtraCover offer for your iPhone?

Extended Warranty, Screen, Accidental & Liquid Damage Protection.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get all the details related to my Apple iPhone using the Apple “Check Coverage”?

Yes, the Apple warranty check “Check Coverage” will provide you with all information of your iPhone’scurrent warranty status and the coverage it is carrying.


Is Apple warranty “Check Coverage” available on all Apple iPhone models?

Yes, Apple warranty check is applicable on all Apple iPhone models.


What to do whenApple warranty “Check Coverage” shows my iPhone shows that it is out of warranty?

Do not worry!

You can very easily get your device covered with“XtraCover Home Serve – Annual Maintenance Contract” plan. It covers defects, damages and malfunctions. Go to


  1. What is an Extended Warranty?

Ans. Extended Warranty is a Service Contract that replicates and extends the manufacturer’s warranty on your product by a specified period, after the warranty provided by the manufacturer expires. It effectively transfers the financial risk of product break down from the buyer of the Extended Warranty to its provider. In event of the covered product breaking down functionally, the provider of the Extended Warranty undertakes the repairs of the product as per the terms specified in the Extended Warranty Service Plan. You can buy Extended Warranty within 6 months of purchasing a new Device/Appliance.


  1. What is Screen Damage Protection?

Ans. Xtracover Screen Damage Protection plan protects the screen of your device and gives you a complete peace of mind against any kind of crack or breakage of the screen due to accident. With Xtracover Screen Damage Protection plan, any damage done by a slightest of push or slip will be covered. Xtracover will arrange for a pickup of your device from your doorstep, take it to the service centre, get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your house and spending any rupee. The Screen Damage Plan can be purchased only on the same day as the purchase of your Device that you wish to protect. The Plan covers a period of 12 months from the date of Purchase of the Device.


  1. What is XtraCover Accidental and Liquid Damage Protection?

Ans.  Xtracover Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage Protection offers you complete peace of mind against any kind of Accidental damages or Liquid Damage to your device. For any damage to your device accidentally or caused through liquid spills, you need not worry for the exorbitant repair charges. Xtracover will arrange for a pickup of your device from your doorstep, take it to the service center, get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your house and spending any rupee. The Accidental and Liquid Damage Protection Plan can be purchased only on the same day as the purchase of your Device that you wish to protect. The Plan covers a period of 12 months from the date of Purchase of the Device

  1. What is XtraCover Homeserve?

Ans. Home Appliances in today’s world has evolved from being a luxury to an everyday necessity. They have become an integral part of our lives and help us get so much done. Any breakdown of our appliances disrupts our everyday lives and throws us off with our budget and schedule. A breakdown not only brings financial burden but also a great deal of hassle in getting the products repaired. HomeServe can alleviate some of these problems by providing care and repairs when there is a problem in the appliances which are registered under Home Serve. XtraCover shall take care of all the repairs on registered appliances till the value of covered amount.  We currently cover all IT Products under Homeserve and shall soon be extending the services on Home Durables. You can buy Homeserve Plan for an IT Product from XtraCover Portal. The Device has to be fully functional and less than 5 years old when you buy the Homeserve Plan.


  1. Which Plan is best suited to my Phone or Laptop?

Ans. Generally, the Devices are sold in the market with manufacturer warranty of one year, while the useful life of the Device is probably 3 years for a Mobile Phone and at least 5 years for a Laptop. These devices are prone to Screen Damage and breakage due to accidental handling or falling from a height and in such cases, the repair costs are quite prohibitive. It is best if you buy Extended Warranty for 1 year or 2 years for your Device for a hassle free experience of Device use and peace of mind in case it encounters any problem. Accidental Damage Protection and Screen Damage Protection give you cover against physical damage due to any unfortunate event of the Device getting damaged and hence it is best that you buy such Plans to get a complete peace of mind. So, it makes a lot of sense if you buy these plans when you buy a new Device as you pay only a fraction of the amount that you would incur on such expensive repairs otherwise.


  1. How do I raise a service request for any XtraCover Warranty Product?

Ans. You will have to register a service request by calling at Xtracover toll-free helpline number 8860396039(Monday - Saturday, 9.30am to 6.30pm) or by using our website


  1. when does my Extended Warranty start?

Ans. Extended Warranty starts from the next day of the expiry of the Manufacturer warranty on your Device. Eg. If your Laptop manufacturer warranty expires on 15th April’2020, the Extended Warranty would start the next day ie 16th April’2020 so that your Laptop is always covered under warranty for another year.


  1. I have still got a warranty from manufacturer. Why I do need XtraCover extended warranty?


Ans. XtraCover extended warranty will help you to provide with coverage on thoseunexpected and expensive repairs and it will last longer after the manufacturer warranty and your device will be covered for one more year to come.


  1. I had a manufacturer warranty on my device, but it expires. Can I still buy extended warranty?


Ans. No, , XtraCover extended warranty policy can only be purchased within 6 months from date of purchase of device as mentioned in the original invoice.


  1. After buying the XtraCover plan, how do I activate it?


Ans. It has to be activated within 7 days of its purchase of the plan to avail the benefits of the plan